Electric Disdain

Music video by Daði.
July 2017.

I directed the music video to Daði’s debut single, ‘Electric Disdain.’

"First I wanted to explore the relationship between time and objects in almost a banal fashion simply by framing different objects and a clock together. Ultimately the effect was quite emotional with the song providing a sort of tragic tension that you can feel between the different inanimate objects on screen. There are a number of organic things there too, like a plant and a banana, but they are made almost artificial by spray-painting them red. This makes for a sort of frozen time which complements the clock which never moves and speaks to the final refrain of the song which is “Time, you'll be wrong.”

For the choruses, we finally have human presence with Daði and his daughter performing the song, but they occupy the same space simultaneously, and in two planes, a dark one and a bright one. I guess this makes even more complex our notion of time, introducing a bit of quantum theme where every moment has a bunch of virtual outcomes while also speaking to the theme of repetition in the lyrics."

Director: Atli Bollason
Camera: Timothée Lambrecq
Editors: Atli Bollason & Timothée Lambrecq
Additional post-production: Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir
Music and mixing by: DAÐI

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