DJ Mixes

I am an avid record collector and DJ. Here are some mixes of mine:

A live recording from the 4th edition of regular Reykjavík party Massage. Emphasis on percussive tracks and syncopated, irregular beats.

Ambient, experimental, noise and techno evoking hazy headspaces and viscous atmospheres. Made for my old room mates.

Experimental, UK-infused techno, some syncopated tracks and drum’n’bass. Selections take cues from a night called ‘The Future’ that I do with my mate Steinþór every few months.

The most traditional mix here. All sorts of house tracks, mostly of a deep variety.

An encapsulation of my time in Montréal. Starts off with some chillwave before going eclectic house.

An introductory class to skweee, the Scandinavian micro-genre that’s sort of like a mixture of chiptune and P-funk.

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