DJ Mixes

I am an avid record collector and sometimes DJ. Contrary to some DJs, I really enjoy making pre-recorded mixes:

Ambient, experimental, noise and techno evoking hazy headspaces and viscous atmospheres. Made for my old room mates.

Experimental, UK-infused techno, some syncopated tracks and drum’n’bass. Selections take cues from a night called ‘The Future’ that I do with my mate Steinþór every few months.

The most traditional mix here. All sorts of house tracks, mostly of a deep variety.

An encapsulation of my time in Montréal. Starts off with some chillwave before going eclectic house.

An introductory class to skweee, the Scandinavian micro-genre that’s sort of like a mixture of chiptune and P-funk.

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