Excess #1 (Big Shiny Tunes)

Installation, sound-installation.
Galérie VAV, Montréal.
October 2010.

A stack of stereos, all tuned to different radio stations. Also on display was my piece ‘Excess #3 (24 Hour Psycho)’, a projection of Gus van Sant’s remake of Psycho, slowed down to a runtime of 24 hours.

During the show, I gave out a CD that looked like the popular compilation Big Shiny Tunes 3. It featured all the tracks from the compilation overlaid on top of each other, repeated for the same runtime as the original disc:

From the artist statement:

“You’re thirteen years old and your parents give you a stereo on the day of your confirmation; that’s why you got confirmed anyway. Throughout your teens you lie on your bed and listen to the stereo’s intricate 3-disc mechanism fail miserably. You grow up, move out, and your stereo joins all the other stuff you left in your parents’ basement: your plastic rifles, your Kani windbreaker, your CDs and tapes. The hi-fi’s of yesteryear fill the Salvation Armies of tomorrow. Turn them all on and listen to the cacophony of excess, to the sound of even! more! great! music!”

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