Ljósahjúpur Hörpu
(Harpa Lights)

Interactive installations.
Harpa Music Hall.

A series of interventions on the façade of Harpa Music Hall in downtown Reykjavík during the electronic music festival Sónar Reykjavík and on other occasions. A selection of custom-made audio-reactive and interactive visualisations replace the usual ‘borealic’ designs on the 714 LED panels which are encased in the geometrical steel-and-glass façade, designed by Ólafur Elíasson. Instead of drifting dreamily as they are wont, the lights pump and flash energetically in time with the music.

My role was coming up with the concept, producing it and curating the work. The actual visualisations were made by a group of creative coders and designers. With time, this concept has morphed into Sónarspil, a sidebar section of audiovisual works, workhops and events at the intersection of art and technology – and the foundation of NAVA, an initiative that aims at pairing Nordic visual artists with musicians for exciting results. As part of NAVA, I have organized mini-festivals on Harpa.

Further info by each video over on Vimeo.

Video by Jonas Johansson

Video by Timothée Lambrecq.

Video by Timothée Lambrecq.

Video by Gunni Þorvalds.

Video by Jacob Andersson.

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