Snjáandinn (The Schneer)

Images on silk.
November 2018.

From the exhibiton notes by Aldís Snorradóttir:

“At the outset of the creative process, Atli has little control over which colours and shapes manifest on screen because they are constantly flickering. So he peers into the blizzard with his camera, hoping to freeze them in time. Like snowflakes, no two frames are the same.

The shapes–colourful patches and diamonds–are reminiscent of the native American textiles Atli is familiar with from his travels in South America. The indigenous peoples of North and South America have for centuries woven brightly coloured textiles which are then used for garments of all sorts: blankets, rugs and shawls. Many of the patterns allude to the different tribes, their histories, beliefs or philosophies. With The Schneer, Atli wanted to reference this tradition by printing his own patterns onto silk which can both be worn or hung, thus challenging the oft-stated differences between arts, crafts and design. Although the patterns are not exactly made by the artist himself, they relate a certain story, one of outdated technologies and their inherent tragedies.”

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