Unfiled skjáskot

(Unfiled Screenshots)

Ásmundarsalur, Reykjavík.
March - May 2020.

Using the materials and processes Guðmundur Úlfarsson and I had developed for our audio/visual performance laboratory, we created a series of works in 16:9 format. They are screenshots from said performances laser-engraved in black plexiglass and rubbed with acrylic paint for added contrast. Also on display was a framed riso-print, a mural, a video piece and a soundscape.

Photos by Owen Fiene.

Exhibition notes:

The world is woven from words. They thread from consciousness to consciousness, forming an intricate pattern without beginning and without end. The pattern is alive, like ivy in a dark wood where the scent is heavy and the silence is deafening, and no one remembers what the vine embraced. Not even the lichen. Such is this tapestry: contorted like a rhizome, its threads resonating with the strange songs of a thousand ragged ghosts.

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