Rofar til

Interactive installation.
Raflost Festival, Reykjavík.
May 2021.

Raflost is a long-running annual celebration of electronic arts in Reykjavík. This installation is made from switches and used electronic appliances, hidden from view behind a wall but clearly audible.

From the exhibition notes:

“The ever-growing piles of electric debris are a testament to the failed promises of yesterday. It would be foolish to discard it all in the name of infinite growth. That’s why I’m fascinated by creative uses of outdated technology. Not because of nostalgia, but because–once obsolete–it is free from its intended purpose. It becomes a site of play, experimentation and beauty, paying no service to the economy. Therein lies it’s radical potential: it rejects the value system of capital and attempts to create meaning or affect from that which is worthless.”

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